Friday, May 20, 2011

My Super Secret Cigar Box Has Arrived!!!

Ugh! I wanted to upload the video I made when I received my Super Secret Cigar Box from my swap partner and for some reason, I lost like half of the first part of the video!!! waah. So I will have to post it here. (bummer.) Anyways, as I posted earlier, I participated in Jadedstudios "Super Secret Squirrel Cigar Box Swap", and it turns out, my secret swap partner is Angela from Montreal! I am sorry, I could not seem to find a link to her anywhere! But her name is Angela and she made this beautiful creation! She had said on her card that she took the time to watch the little youtube vids that I have, to get to know my style and what I like, and I just wanted to put it out there that I do really appreciate her taking the time to get to know me and whatnot!! So thank you so much Angela!!

I absolutely loooveee my box! I heart everything! The paper, the butterflies and I have to say, the flowers are GORGEOUS in person! So shimmery and I love pink. ;)
Thanks again Angela and to Jade for hosting this super awesome swap!!


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